Hull University West Campus Accommodation


Hull University West Campus Accommodation

This £80M scheme is providing 1450 new student bedrooms on campus in a series of blocks ranging from 4 to 9 storeys with a mix of communal and commercial uses on the lowest floors.

The project is also the UK's largest ever contract awarded for light guage steel framing structures.

Red Twin Limited were originally appointed by UPP to develop the design brief relating to acoustics. We assisted with an auralisation of how different constructions would sound in the finished building to inform the decision making and to begin developing the acoustic design.

We assisted the project in liaison with the local authority on noise related planning matters which included the provision of the new Wilberforce car park, and noise from new mechanical plant.

We were subsequently novated to the main contractor to continue the technical design and assist delivery and undertake on-site testing to demonstrate compliance.